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TISPLUS Accessories Development

TIS GmbH has a long tradition in development and design
of intelligent accessories for hardware products, but also
for electronic components and measurement technology.

In-house hardware constructions of our engineers

The high technical expertise of our employees is a key factor in the innovative strength of our company:
Our engineers have successfully worked on solutions for Infineon, Siemens, Telekom, Motorola (now Zebra) and Honeywell - for example the development and design of electronic assemblies, such as: the development and design of electronic assemblies, e.g. (GSM, Bluetooth, DECT, LAN, USB, RS232, IRDA), test and measurement adapters for manufacturing and quality assurance as well as modules with power supply and data interfaces for vehicle charging stations.


Many innovative hardware developments of our engineers are now part of numerous TIS products, for example:

  • in our TELEMATIC products such as the Telematicbox Truck or TRAK
  • in our accessories for mobile devices and vehicles, such as vehicle cradles, snap-on adapters for transponder integration or the Smart Card Reader
  • in DECT products such as the HCS Locator, a measuring system for DECT networks or the DECT module Gigaset MD40, which allows secure data transmission in its own DECT frequency range.

Among other things, we have developed, designed and supplied the DECT data box for data transmission for the FTS control system in the Volkswagen manufacturing, for example, and built mobile data acquisition systems for Porsche and Bayer.

TISPLUS Scan Handles Logistikzubehör

What is TISPLUS?

IIn the field of hardware, the demand for robust accessories for mobile data acquisition devices has been growing for years, yet has not been adequately served by many manufacturers so far. TISPLUS accessories are closing this gap - clever, elaborate and practical accessories, developed by TIS GmbH, characterized by durability, ergonomics and longevity.

The development, construction and production of our TISPLUS products takes place 100% in Germany.

TIS also manufactures at custom order.
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We process order quantities from prototypes up to large series.

This is how TISPLUS hardware accessories for logistics are developed

In addition to the hardware, TIS also designs and manufactures casings, for example, for scan attachments and snap-on adapters. Thus the complete product comes from a single source. One of the more recent developments is a scan handle for industrial smartphones, which turns the smartphone into a powerful barcode scanner.

Phase 1 | CAD-supported design

TISPLUS accessories are designed by our engineers software-supported on the computer.
In order for the accessories to lie well balanced in the hand, our colleagues test their own developments with real prototypes.

TISPLUS Hardware-Zubehör für die Logistik: CAD Prototypenentwicklung
TISWARE Hardware for logistics: Production of the prototype by sinter printing

Phase 2 | 3D printing of the prototype

The parts for the prototype are produced according to the design on the computer by a sintering process - a form of 3D printing.

Phase 3 | Assembly of prototype parts

Our experts assemble the parts for the prototype which have been created in 3D printing and can immediately carry out tests on fit and ergonomics.

This process significantly shortens the development process and allows timely response to change requests during the design phase. This accelerates the way of the product to be ready for market release. Read more about this process here (German language only): Rapid Prototyping - Produktentwicklung im Zeitraffer

TISPLUS Hardware-Zubehör für die Logistik: Prototyp

Phase 4 | Continuous quality control

The conformity of TISPLUS hardware accessories with the various industry standards, as well as ergonomics and durability, are continuously tested both in independent specialist test labs and in our own test labs.

Do you have questions?

Our sales colleagues Fabian Bielefeld, Oliver Krahmer, Mike Ahlmann (Team Leader), Peter Hochwald and Daniel Schlütter will be happy to advise you.
Hours: Mo-Fr 8 AM - 5 PM (CET)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

Do you have questions?

Our sales colleagues will be happy to advise you.
Hours: Mo-Fr 8 AM - 5 PM (CET)

+49 2871 2722 - 0

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